Tantra Spiritual Harmony - Tantric Yoni Healing

Tantric Yoni Healing

"Yoni" is a Sanskrit name for the female genital system which means 'Sacred place' Our Yoni's are a beautiful and magical space which has the potential for ecstasy, peace and enlightenment.

Yoni healing is ideal for women who have been circumcised, sexually or emotionally abuse and for women who want to reconnect with themselves or to experience a full body beautiful massage.

I‘m inviting you to journey into your Yoni the very centre of our being. Healing our mind and bodies, releasing past memories which we store in our Yonis.

Yoni healing is a combination of massage, visualisation, discussion and hands on healing in a safe and nurturing environment.

Benefits of Yoni Healing are increased energy levels, higher self-esteem, sexual liberation and a sense of wellbeing.

Just like any part of the body the Yoni can become damage with painful memories, causing numbness that decreases our sexual energy which prevents us from experiencing ecstasy completely. Sometimes women can shut down completely and repressed their sexual energy.

By giving gentle loving touch, Yoni massage provides profound healing.

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