Tantra Spiritual Harmony - Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage

Suitable for couples and singles. Open to anyone who wants to learn or enhanced their Tantric massage techniques including Yoni & Lingam massage.

To ensure gender balance I require you to email me before you RSVP

  • Experience a sensuous, healing whole body massage
  • Explore the surrender of giving and receiving
  • Combining spirituality and physical pleasure
  • Deepening your skills and knowledge in the art of erotic touch
  • Experienced receiving and giving in mindfulness
  • Listening to your body

We will practice ancient Tantric techniques with meditative awareness combine with love and compassion in a respectful manner honoring the God and the Goddess within us.

As we tune into each other the difference between giving and receiving dissolves into harmonious flow of energy and opens our hearts. The massage includes eye contacted, communication, breath awareness and energy movement throughout the body.

By weaving active and passive elements into the massage a conscious connection between the giver and receiver is formed.

By giving gentle loving touch, Yoni and Lingam massage provides profound healing within the recipient and the giver.

There will be nudity and sexual intimacy at this workshop.
We will provide a safe space to explore tantric massage.
Disposable gloves will be provided for singles to use on each other for sexual safety.

Price of workshops: full day £190; non-refundable deposit of £30 to secure your place.

I provide sex coaching and Tantric massage in 1-2-1 sessions for couples and individuals. Tantra is a beautiful way to heal.

Please email me for details