Tantra Spiritual Harmony - Testimonials



Such a beautiful connection we had today, thank u so very much, I loved the love.
nameste x


Fantastic experience, an amalgamation of emotions, feelings, senses created a wonderful effect.
Thank you Saby


Thank you Saby that was so very beautiful! You held the space with such LOVE & Warmth oozing out of your HEART!
OOh, and of course sensual deliciousness!!
Thank you everyone for the LOVE.. I'm feeling it.. x
I dare you to NOW go hug a stranger..!! ;-)
Oh yes, thanks for music vibe Jonty - how lucky we were to have our own saxophonist, just for us.. Blessed! Real treat!!
TantricOneLOVE.. x


I am feeling so happy and loved up now. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the space you created today x

Tony Grundy

We both really enjoyed the experience! I would have had a full Kundalini experience after the initial meditation and the dancing was really sensuous, revealing and expressive. The touch part was exquisite. Carolina really enjoyed her first real experience and has taken the first steps to unleashing the Kundalini.

It was great and relaxing setting. We were both relaxed from the start.

It was good value for money-both as an experience and what we have leant and can start to do our selves, It had an excellent group process and the evening just went


I enjoyed my first visit at the women's workshop yesterday and am looking forward coming to your next one :)


Thank You,
It was better than what I expected, I have never experienced anything like it, Yet It felt familiar.