Tantra Spiritual Harmony - 4 Hand Massage

4 Hand Massage

WOW the simultaneous touch of four hands is such amazing and an exquisite experience!!!!!

Tantric massage is blissful and healing but when you have two pairs of hands sweeping down either side of your body sometimes synchronised sometimes alternating. Other times working on different areas of your body, add a combination of different styles speeds varying touch and Wow!! It‘s a kaleidoscope of mind blowing feelings and sensations.

This is such a unique and blissful way to surrender, has the mind cannot focus or predict what is going to happen next so your mind has to give up, which allows your body to drop into a meditative state of consciousness, and that's when the magical journey begins.

When you mine lets go you‘re able to reach deeper levels of feelings and sensations enabling you to relax at an even deeper level. Allowing you to feel amazing states of peace and bliss.

Simultaneous touch of four hands is such amazing and an exquisite experience!!!!!

Yoni and Lingam massage provides profound healing within the recipient and the giver.

There will be nudity and sexual intimacy at this workshop.

All exercises are an invitation not a prerequisite, you can explore at your own pace.

There will be an opportunity to discuss your boundaries which will be respected at all times.

I provide a safe space to explore 4 hand tantric massages.

This workshop is Not a Gender Balance

Disposable gloves will be provided for you to use on each other for sexual safety.

You will need couple of towels and un–perfumed massage oil.

Cost is £100 I require a non–refundable deposit of £30 to secure your place.

All balances need to be paid one week before venue.

I do not accept payment at venues. You can pay via pay pal or direct to bank account, email me for bank details. sabyharmony@live.co.uk