Tantra Spiritual Harmony

I would like to begin by sharing my spiritual journey with you.

My name is Saby, I have successfully ran my own business for the last 30 years but 8 years ago I felt that I was being called more and more towards my path of spirituality. This was a path that I had been following through books, classes and workshops since the age of 20 and without fully realising it, it had been woven throughout every aspect of my adult life. I have since trained as an Co-counsellor, Reiki Master Teacher, EFT Practitioner, Reiki Drumming & Journeying Practitioner & Indian Head Massage. Tantric since 2009

In 2009 I came across Alto Sax Retreat. Since my first workshop, I lived on and off for 2 years at the retreat and to date I continue to deepen my knowledge through learning & experience with him and other Tantric teachers. Tantra is now inter-woven into every aspect of my everyday life.

For the last 13 months I have been running workshops on varying aspects of Tantra. Dance, Meditation, Healing, Connecting, Deepening & Awareness. What I have discovered through group work is that as a collective the energy and healing process is enhanced, enabling us to lift layers and shift perspectives by the process of osmosis, naturally and effortlessly.

On that basis, my workshops are suitable for new and experienced Tantrikas as there is always something new to discover about yourself, meet liked people, interact with others, increased you self-awareness. But most importantly, come and play and have fun. What a marvellous way to heal, through pleasure.